We help you developing a new sustainable strategy to adapt your business to new 2020 challenges


Set up new strategies in line with global changing trends to focus on our competitive advantages and succeed in the market


Include social and environmental sustainability from your strategy to your action plans, launching proper projects to your business


Train your team not only to adapt to the changes to come, but to generate the changes to lead in the future


Report your progress to the community through an appropriate marketing plan and effective communication tools

We can help you with any other business challenge you need to face. Just share your case with us and we will look for a solution

Knowmads Team

We are a team of business knowmads, highly experienced, open-minded, innovation freaks, change-makers, who will just work in the projects your business needs right now, in a flexible and effective way.
Working on 2030 Agenda

45% of the worlwide workforce will be 'knowmads' by 2020 (Workforce Study 2016, Oxford Economics).

New technological resources bring a new way to work at XXI century: flexible structures of highly talented professionals that can provide their expertise in each business case.

Now you can take advantage of a professional net that will work by project, providing the right experience at the right time, and at the right place.

  • 25+ years experience

  • Compromised with People and Planet

  • Holistic view of organizations and their challenges

  • Working by projects

Which main challenges do you actually need to face up to?



Send us your message explaining which challenge are you facing that you consider we can help you with

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